NGDx2 Old and New. Kramer/USACG
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Thread: NGDx2 Old and New. Kramer/USACG

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    NGDx2 Old and New. Kramer/USACG

    Yesterday I went to an open house of one of USACG's competitors out here, Sound Guitar Works. Have some friends that work there so I went for shits and giggles. Wasn't there 5 minutes and the owner, who I know just in passing, says, "Hey, we have something for you, Donnie." Pulls out this OLD beat to shit Kramer case covered in dust. Opened it up and inside was a near spotless bright ass green guitar.
    Near as I can tell from the serial and searching the ole world wide web, It's an 86/87 Kramer Pacer Imperial.
    The owner of the place said a customer brought it in like 15 years ago for a re-finish on the body and then just disappeared. So it has sat pretty much un-touched in the case for that long. Needless to say I'm pretty stoked about it. Also kinda thing they are trying to woo me over to their shop.
    Also kind of tripped me out to see the "Made In W. Germany" stamped on the backs of the tuners.

    Next is a USACG build I have been working on.
    Just a simple swamp ash "dinky" body and one of our 24 fret necks. The neck is roasted birdseye maple. The board is called Leopard Ebony. Literally just found out that stuff existed a few months ago and have been dying to build something with it. Stainless 6150 frets. 10-14" compound radius. Blue Lumilay side dots. FU-Tone floyd. Smits DB sig bridge pickup and some kind of duncan in the neck. lol
    And man, this thing just came together beautifully. I didn't have to set it up at all. Just bolted it together, slapped some strings on and bam. *pats self on back* I've been really taking pride in my fret jobs lately. It feels good when customers call and request my work.
    Oh, and the "DonBot" logo. We do the USACG logos that are CNC'd into the headstock and out last programmer suggested I get a DonBot one. So I signed a piece of paper with my DonBot signature, he scanned it in and 10 minutes later there it was. It's filled with clear epoxy resin.

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    I'm not one for red guitars, but that deep colored, matte finish is aces. Same for green, the only one thats ever made me want it is Hoskin's old British Racing Green S540; but for an 80s shredtacular machine, theres no question that thats the color it needs to be. Plus, pointy Kramer stock vs. banana/hockey stick.

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    The Kramer is cool, and the snot green is good, but that red, holy fuck that's gorgeous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    The Kramer is cool, and the snot green is good, but that red, holy fuck that's gorgeous.
    Why thank you. That red one Im probably most proud of out of all my builds.

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    Both are bad-ass.

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    I like this thread.

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    Same as Mike, the Kramer is very cool, but the one you built is SICK!!
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    Duuuuuuuuude that red one!
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