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Thread: Floyd Rose tone-loss. A comparison video (Johan Segeborn)

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    I also like how the Ibanez guitar in the ad and the Charvel aren't even close to anything they actually made. They didn't even research the competition for the ad.

    The Ibanez is like, a telecaster type thing with a weird double cut with a telecaster bridge and a zebra finish, and the Charvel has filtertrons and a jazzmaster style bridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    That's exactly what this ad is saying, "Why would you buy a Fender/Ibanez/Charvel when you could spend twice as much on a dining room table guitar?"
    The funny thing is that Gibson couldn't even pick the right models to feature "rising above the herd"--put a Black Beauty, an Explorer and a Flying V in there, and they might have had a point. You know, the Gibsons that an actual '80s rock guitarist wanted to play.

    Okay, I was an exception--an LPC was my dream guitar when everyone else wanted a Kramer or Charvel.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    I remember a guy telling a story about working in a music shop in the late 80's. Ibanez and Jackson were killing it, Fender were still around, but Gibson... man you couldn't give a Gibson away. Then Appetite For Destruction came out.
    Absolutely true. Just before that, Kramer was the one moving big numbers while Gibson and Fender were struggling. I got my first used LPC--a '76 3-pickup natural finish guitar--in 1987 for $300 plus a trade-in of the absolute worst POS Gibson SG ever made (a '72 Deluxe, as I recall). By comparison, I paid $700 for a Kramer Focus 6000 just after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    I like the inclusion of the vaguely East Asian building on the right of the castle.
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