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Thread: Kerry King is (probably) joining Dean Guitars

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    That guitar appears from the shadows like it will be horrendous. I've heard for a while B.C. Rich has been suffering.

    I just want to know how none of these brands seem to be able to keep their artists. Aside from Ibanez having Satch, Vai, Gilbert all these years.
    But they wouldn't give sigs to Per Nilson, Chris Broderick or even Jari (even though he's a little different from the other two).

    Suhr lost Guthrie to Charvel.

    Loomis, Gus. G, Broderick all went to Jackson.

    Gibson obviously doesn't care about anyone aside from SLASH. He probably just goes with the flow not as a much of demanding artist because they just hand out sigs from him like it is nothing.
    Even though there are guys like Joel Hoekstra, Doug Aldrich, Justin Derrico, Alex Skolnick who were flying their flag proudly for a while.

    And then there is Orsmby who is snatching up guys too. Rusty Cooley, Dino Cazares.

    The Guitar industry confuses me so much... I don't see how in some ways it's going to keep on lasting.
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    And just when BC Rich started doing interesting things!
    R.I.P. Guitars Etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by scole View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    Dave Vincent and his vinyl shirts are involved somewhere in there too. I forget what position he has.
    Doggy style, mainly.
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    Totally NOT Kerry King!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by schreckmusic View Post
    Totally NOT Kerry King!!!

    yea you know i have to make some money on this about $99?

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