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Thread: neck thru guitars

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    neck thru guitars

    HI! Please re-direct me if not in the right forum. Sorry,am a newbie trying to get back into the guitar scene after many years off and looking for hands on help. Long story short,I use to own a 1997 Jackson sl2 that I played thrash/speed metal/soloing within garage bands and small gigs.Since then I have always just bought a bolt on neck guitar and installed some good emg's or Seymour duncans and it still wasn't the same.(maybe the shotty amp or shotty bolt on guitar?) I am just looking for suggestions on what Jackson, esp,etc...etc.. guitars that would be similar to that one? I do not know my woods when dealing with the best sounding guitars for thrash/speed metal and some soloing.I do like the neck thru sound and feel.What are the best sounding woods for fast riffs with some solo? I know ampflication does come into affect,and I am window shopping for a peavey 5150 or 6505 but have to figure out the cost of a good guitar with upgraded wiring first.looking at a spending cost of 500.00 or less for used. 1000.00 if new
    Any suggestions would be greatful. Please I would not like to cause a forum argument or like/dis-like.
    Just looking for what experienced guys are playing these days?

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    Stop worrying about that and ROCK OUT instead <--- "experienced guy" opinion

    If you have skills you will make great music no matter what gear you using!
    Any good guitarist should be able to take a $150 guitar and make great music!

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    The guitar doesn't matter that much.

    And that's Ced saying.

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    If you loved Jackson SL2s, then just get another one:

    But, I'd suggest going to a music store and playing a bunch of different guitars, then buying the one that makes you want to do what Ced & Cobra say. For me at least, a guitar has to sort of call my name or else I won't play it. DOn't care about price or brand, it has to make me want to play it. If you find that guitar for you, everything will work out. Then we can all tell you what amp to buy (cough 5150/6505 cough) and so forth. Annnndddd... GO!
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    Don’t expect much, it’s not like I’m a rocket surgeon.

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    I'd go with the suggestion for a new/recent model Jackson SL2, as well. They come with good pickups already installed, and you can focus your money on amp/pedals that will make more of a difference in your sound. However, I would suggest you play the recent Indonesian-made Jacksons in person before you buy. They make some real gems, but they aren't as consistent as the American ones (or the old Japanese ones).

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    Yea dont fret (yes pun intended) about the guitar so much. Build up your playing and then worry about that little junk. Pickups, feel, amps are waaaaaay more important than what "tonewoods" are involved and if its a bolt on vs neck through. Dont dismiss bolt ons though. Plenty great guitar players made their career using bolt on neck guitars *cough* EVH *cough*

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    But as everyone else has said (in this thread and other one) get yourself a 5150/6505 with an overdrive pedal or a boss katana and you're set.

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    play a bunch of guitars, pick the one that makes you want to play.

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