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Thread: NGD it ain't mine but its in my house edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    That orange Jackson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
    I remember when i first joined the forum i didn't even own a guitar yet. Now i have enough for a couch shot lol
    If you're trying to build some savings, this is a bad place to do it Nice collection!
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    thanks for all the love everyone! yeah, I ended up picking up the SD pegasus for the orange soloist. it still sounds really muddy so I'm wondering if its like the pots or something else. maybe jackson loaded pots that are only 250k because of the hot rails. i have no idea how to check any of this stuff so I'm probably just going to order some 500k pots or something. I'd take it to a tech but i don't want to pay out the ass for labor. its still a fun guitar to play, I just have to cut a shitload of the bass to get a decent tone.

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    If you have a cabinet, you can mod it to use your cab.

    I did it on my small Orange Crush, and the difference through the small speaker and a cab is amazing. Only costs $5 for the part.

    NYS2122 - REAN Connectors

    Here is a post I did after doing the mod: Orange Crush 10 mod | Rob Chapman Forum

    Here is a quick sound sample of the 2 with my iPhone:

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