NGD: Finally Got My Ghost...
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Thread: NGD: Finally Got My Ghost...

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    NGD: Finally Got My Ghost...

    About a year and a half back I got my hands on this KM6 when my buddy first brought it home and I fell in love with it. He wasn't even slightly interested in selling it, so I figured some day maybe I'd get a KM7 version. Well, he found one and I almost bought it, but it wasn't trans white, it was yellow.

    So, after a period of internal debating I decided since I loved the transparent shades, maybe I should look for a trans black KM7, and stumbled onto my LTD H7 instead.

    So, a little while later, as these things go, my buddy mentioned maybe wanting to sell the KM6. Then, last week he flat out asked me if I wanted to buy it. So, yeah...

    And, it looks right at home now.

    He had Dimarzio Titans in it, which I actually liked more than their 7 string counterpart, but he worked me a deal to take the Schecter Custom Shop Apocalypse pups instead, so I just finished swapping them and definitely prefer them to the Titans.

    Now... when's the next SAW? I'm armed & ready.
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    Good looking collection

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    That is the sharpest C1 I've ever seen!

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    Not sure if greyscale.
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Not sure if greyscale.
    No, they're pop punk.

    collection looks good.
    Needs Sleep

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    Definitely made the right choice buddy

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    Good score....
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