NGD: Someone might have to fly solo
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Thread: NGD: Someone might have to fly solo

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    NGD: Someone might have to fly solo

    Couldn't decide between the KM6 and the Soloist, even though I really knew all along I wanted the KM6. Well, the guy with the Soloist dropped the price, then I haggled him down further and got a smoking deal on it, assuming I'd just clean it up and flip it. Then I got it home and played for an hour and we bonded...

    It's loaded with a set of Duncan Distortions, which dialed in quickly to get a good tone. The neck is flawless, the Floyd Rose is essentially brand new (which is a neat sensation after using my 29 year old S540 Floyd for the last four years) and really the only blemish on it is a tiny set of scratches on the back side of the upper cutaway. It's in better condition than any Jackson I've played at the local GC pretty much ever. And, man, it plays like butter.

    Problem is, I can only keep 2 6-strings and logically (and more importantly: from a gut-level), this is the one that will have to go... but man... it's so purdy...I'm toyed with the idea of taking the Floyd and pups and putting them in the S540, then selling this with the older stuff in it, but they're different trems, and I don't want to get into routing or any of that crap.

    Chances are I'll just enjoy it til someone buys it off me... or I find another great deal to flip to cover what I have in this.
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    Hell yeah dude.

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    I love a great deal, even better on a sweat shred machine!
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    What a find!

    You can't go wrong with the stealthy minimalism of a Black Soloist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdave View Post
    ... on a sweat shred machine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by playstopause View Post
    NGD: Someone might have to fly solo-wtf-png
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