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Thread: Apparently Solars are a GREAT investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Yeah, MF did this to me a couple of years ago when I ordered two things, and they didn't send either in the first box, then sent me each in a separate box after I called. Their lack of competence leads me to believe that they exist to lose money for Bain Capital, a la WKRP.
    I didn't bring mine up to them, because by then I had long stopped ordering from Musicians Friend and only bought the strings from them because they weren't available in those gauges anywhere else, and I didn't want to spend a bunch of time back and froth with them over it. It was just like, "Yep, This is why I stopped buying shit from them". I actually thought that I in spite of the fact I had absolutely tore the box up looking for the one thing I ordered, somehow I must have missed it in some extra dimensional fold of packing paper and accidentally thrown it away.

    I was talking with some friends a couple months after the empty box though, and some dude I knew in college was in the conversation and he was like, "I work for Musicians Friend..." and I was thinking, "Oh shit, he's going to call me a liar who wants free strings", but he was like, "that actually happens fairly often, call me during work hours and I'll hook you up".

    To be fair though, sometimes their incompetence works in the consumers favor. There are at least one or two legendary stories floating around of Musicians Friend sending someone a much more expensive guitar than the one they ordered. And there have been multiple times they have listed something incorrectly for way cheaper than it goes for and only noticed after a ton of people ordered it.

    I actually have one fond memory of their incompetence. This was like, 2008-2009, when I was an incoming freshman to college switching to guitar from bass and I needed an amp.

    Musicians Friend seriously started advertising this incredible sale where you could get a Musicians Friend gift certificate by paying 2/3rds of face value. Like you could get a $100 gift certificate for $66. Most Music retailers deals advertising that much off are shitty, because almost every single brand is not participating, but obviously you can get anything with a gift certificate.

    I got my first real guitar amp on that deal. ENGL rack pre. I think they ended the promotion early. Because they foolishly didn't implement enough restrictions and obviously people found out it was basically a real life cheat code you cold use to generate money. Like if you had a million dollars just sitting around you could buy that much in Musicians Friend Gift Certificates and basically make a ton of money for absolutely nothing.

    This wasn't one of those stupid sales people flock too where they are like, "This is such a good sale, I can probably make money flipping that unit". There was no flipping involved. MF was basically giving away money.

    They have never run that kind of promotion again obviously. Best sale I have ever personally seen. People with disposable income available at the time were loading up on like $5k of gift certificates right and left.

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    Granted, that doesn't even take the crown for the stupidest promotion a company has run in the music industry they obviously didn't think through.

    That honor goes to the Zakk Wylde die cast bike Free Epiphone Scandal. The classic "357 customs drama".

    Usually it's only airline companies that run dumb promotions with pretty obvious loopholes customers can take advantage of, but the 357 customs saga is the stuff of legend.

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    GC's Labor Day sale was hilarious. I looked on their web site and saw all kinds of good deals for strings. Walk into the nearest store the same day, and there wasn't a single fucking pack of strings on sale. The web site didn't say the sale was online-only. Who the hell knows.

    Also, their pricing on used guitars appears to be entirely random, indicating that no one working for GC understands how to look up things on Reverb.

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    Yeah, Guitar Center's used prices don't always make sense. Sometimes you'll see a guitar for only a little less than it'd be new, even though it's got lots of scratches and rust on it. While on the other hand, I bought a bass there that was about half the price it was new, even though it was in excellent shape. I've never seen anything as crazy as a used guitar being MORE expensive than the same one new, but maybe the person at GC who bought that used Solar mistakenly thought it was one of the most expensive Solars...

    No, that still wouldn't make sense. The most expensive guitars on Solar's website are $1299, which even if the GC employee thought that's what the guitar they bought was, still shouldn't be sold used for $1199, even if it was in virtually mint condition.

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    That was me who sold them to the Colorado Springs store. I needed cash and sold them an a2.6c and a trans blood red one. I only did it because like you said - for some reason, they’re selling them stupid expensive. I got more money selling them the guitars than it cost to buy them direct.

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    fucking good deal If I may say, buy from Solar website, sell to Colorado Springs = profit

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    That’s awesome. I should have brought the Soloist I’m selling and sold it to them for a grand.
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    Dude you should have hit me up while you were here!

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