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Thread: Today in "Conflicts between two parties, both equally unlikable"

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    The Kiesel hate is always good for a laugh.

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    I knew who made the thread from just reading the title

    And... I must say I am amused by the Gibson shittrain that never stops rolling.

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    I honestly thing Gibson's strategy is to send these letters off to any "small" manufacturer that makes something that REMOTELY resembles their designs in the hopes that such a company gets scared by the "big guys" and succumb to the requests. However, if such companies just ignore it, I don't think Gibson would pursue any further because even they know they have no case. Its all a bluff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrashinbatman View Post
    There may be a very bright future where ESP brings back the MX because Gibson screwed up and lost the Explorer design.
    I want to live in this world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post

    This is a tough one. I don't know who to root for. Is it possible for both to lose?
    Maybe it stays locked up in the courts for years and both have to halt production until it;'s settled?

    I have a hard time seeing how Gibson has a claim here... But Jeff Kiesel comes across as such an arrogant dumbass, that I could see him somehow torpedoing his case.
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    So apparently Kiesel sent a cease and desist letter over the guitar in this thread:

    "I did send out a cease and desist letter this week to a company that is making an Osiris direct rip-off. It is a company that has been trying to carry my guitars for a long time and I keep telling them "no" every year. And, they went ahead and decided to rip my guitar off. So while we are standing strong against the Gibson thing because it is unfounded and they don't have a leg to stand on.

    I do believe in trademarking and design patenting your product, your idea, and putting that out there right away rather than letting the market kind of have their way with something and then trying to defend it. So I did send out a cease and desist letter - or my attorney did - this week for a company that was copying this. I'm sure somebody will throw that link up there - I don't want to mention that company here or mention any names - but they have probably gotten it by now.

    It was sent by email and also certified mail. So yeah, I am going to defend anything I have, my design patent. The numbers are up on my website. You can see the patents and patent pendings. So even once it is patent pending you are still fully protected."​
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post

    "I did send out a cease and desist letter this week to a company that is making an Osiris direct rip-off. ​
    Kiesel burns through the infinitesimal sliver of sympathy they may have got from some people after the Gibson news in record time.

    I actually googled the Osiris, because I have no idea what the actual range of model is, and it's kind of pathetic that Kiesels precious IP they are defending is essentially just a really ugly Steinberger clone.

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