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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I only recently found about about Hiland. It's a great rabbit hole to go down, he can play his ass off.
    I've known the name for a while thanks to his PRS sig years back, but never really checked him out. I'll watch Jim's video after work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post

    The riff really isn't that bad from a technical standpoint. The tricky thing is just getting the feel right, and part of that is just not overthinking it and getting a big, authoritative, loose picking motion going. Garrett's not wrong that it's like sucking at sweeping, exactly, but it's more than that, it's just raking across muted strings and dragging your pick through them to get to the ones you really want. Loose picking hand, putting some weight behind it, and good muting technique, and you're mostly there.
    Was thinking about this over the weekend while playing fairly low gain stuff on my Strat - it really is mostly just a matter of a very loose picking hand and fretting hand muting. Not saying I'm awesome at it, but even a moderate ability can really add a lot.
    Quote Originally Posted by jim777 View Post
    You could always start with some Johnny Hiland licks

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