Guitar Nut Buster (awful name I know...)
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Thread: Guitar Nut Buster (awful name I know...)

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    Guitar Nut Buster (awful name I know...)

    Saw this on my YT feed and peaked my interest to watch it.

    No Mods needed it just "floats" on your Guitar.

    Think the price is a bit too much but people are paying 270€/$ for OD Pedals...

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    hard agree that this is WAY too much money. I'd maybe pay 60 bucks. a good setup makes this unneeded.

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    I'd try it for 50 bucks for something I use when recording. This thing should be priced like a Tremol-No, which was successful because it was cheap enough to roll the dice on.

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    Just watched the video; interesting.
    Omitting the fine tuners, it should be an easy DIY job.
    Sure, locking the strings with no tuners sounds like a bad arrangement, but even for Stratcats trem bridges with fine tuners does exist..

    That said, I had an inexpensive Fillmore V6 strat-alike that held tuning quite nice, even with the standard Chinese made Wilkinson tuners and could even drop-D it without loosing tuning, so.. Needs to said I had the bridge setup a bit stiff, but still..
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    I don’t understand how people have so many problems keeping a trem functioning properly. The knife edges on my 25 year old Ibanez Edge are worn and it still goes back in tune after going crazy with it.
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