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Thread: Making a guitar body!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron1 View Post

    Love Viking!
    Fantastic shit this and Dark Angel are some of my favorite thrash

    Quote Originally Posted by bigdave View Post
    All correct except PICKUP RINGS ARE NEEDED

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    And besides THAT I also turn down the volume between songs.
    I hate when people leave volume open between songs and have tons of string noise and feedback going on.
    You'd hate my band then...

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    This is a great thread to do this in-

    Rocka, I owe you an apology. For the last year, maybe two, my signature has been a quote from you when you were pissed off over a locknut, I believe, because it was off by a millimeter.

    I'm building a pedalboard, what would seemingly be very simple; just a flat board with the aluminum trim, some feet and handles. My first go at it, I was using a hacksaw and a miter box to cut the aluminum C-channel and it was a shitty hacksaw blade, way too thin to be make a perfect 45 degree cut. So I borrowed my father's miter saw and thought, "Oh fuck yeah, I'm going to be done in like 5 minutes!" Caveat, I've never used a miter saw before. Nor did I do my due diligence in paying attention to the blade that was on it. That thing ate the shit out of the aluminum, making every cut imperfect. I then sat there with a sanding block and smoothed out every edge, making sure they were perfect. Keep in mind, I'm on my 2nd strip of c-channel as I butchered the first one. It's cheap, like $14 a strip, but I'd bought two of them at this point.

    I finish all the cutting and sanding and go to dry fit all the metal onto the wood. One corner will not line up. The other 3 aren't flawless, but they're about 98% flush. But this last by one fucking millimeter. For about 15 minutes, as I cleaned up, I was bitching up a storm in my head. Doing the usual "You fuck up so many fucking projects, you fucking moron! You can't even fucking cut 4 pieces of fucking aluminum right!" Came inside to take a shower, my wife, in her usual positive mood says "How'd it come out?", I mumble something like, "The usual, I fucked it up." then went into the bathroom. As I was in there, as I jumped into round 2 of self-abuse, I said "ONE FUCKING MILLIMETER!!!" then stopped and laughed at my hypocrisy. My entire mood changed. I was happy again.

    I'll put it all together tomorrow, in all it's imperfection. Once 'Rona leaves town, if there's still a civilization left, I'll go back to Home Depot and start fresh. I'll give the board to my buddy, who is taking my old rig home to use now that I have the AxeFX. I learned how to use a tool I've never used before and gave myself a stark reminder of 'the right tool for the job".

    So again, I'm sorry Rocka. I have little doubt that you're going to make a killer body, whether you use super glue, termites, thermite, or uranium because you pay attention to detail and jump on every project you do with much enthusiasm.
    Perfection is the enemy of progress.

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    No need to apology

    What a story about your pedalboard

    Here's the thing: I can see off details, but I can't manufacture perfect results myself. As proofed by various projects I've had in the past.
    But I'm trying my best with this one, lets see what happens

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    When I built a guitar body the pickup cavities turned out awful! I had a 6 string pup template and used it to make a 7 string one, which was wonky. It’s not too obvious but I notice it. Also I made the neck pocket too wide so I had to fill in the excess with epoxy putty, which ended up working really well - that was Adams (Elysian) tip.

    There a lot of imperfections, but ultimately the feeling of something I made myself made me forget about them.

    It also taught me to never be so stupid as to make another

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