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Thread: Making something: Lockdown Edition

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    Thank you for the suggestion!

    I used to maintain a blog/BB style page where I was posting some of my repairs, etc. but the format is really hard to keep up. I figured this would be in the model of some of the old build thread I used to get read when I was learning, some of which are still out there (Project Guitar, TDPRI, etc). Basically you can follow the build in realtime and *hopefully* the site and image hosting stays up so other folks can accidently find this over time and maybe learn something or decide to try one themselves.
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    Looking good
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    Got some paint on this.

    Didn't end up using any kind of primer/gesso for the acrylic paint as I figured I'd get pretty good coverage in the two coats. This is after two sloppy coats of white to just get the black showing through as little as possible.

    I did a couple passes with the black brush to clean up edges. I did a few more after this as I went but this should give you the idea.

    That was pretty good but the bones were still too 'toothpaste' white and I needed to get some depth down into the scratch etc. along with some age. This was a whole process that is kind of inexact, but the cliff notes is that it got grey dry brush, thinned white dry brush, grey/black wash, some airbrushed grey (via Badger 150 siphon fed) and a vintage white wash coat over the top and then dabbed off.

    This is pretty much exactly what I was going for. The Chris Woods is nice but too 'different' from the original, this is a little closer but a little extra wear added. It's gonna sit for a couple days and then get topcoat.

    Also did some work on the headstock. I'm using my logo, but of course a nod to the original, which is a pretty nice fit since it's a J. Frog and I use 'J. Cedric'. Hunted down a suitable font, I did some minor manipulation in Illustrator but not much. Cut with the vinyl cutter, inverted to remove the lettering to spray through, affixed it and taped the rest of the headstock.

    Did some similar techniques as the bones with various white, grey, stippled, airbrushed etc to get it not completely bright white.

    After the tape and vinyl peel

    I've got some minor minor touchups to do to the back of the body but otherwise I think we're on to clear (satin nitro) and assembly.

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    Christmas ain't shit. Randy updating the lockdown project thread is where it's at.

    Man, this just gets cooler and cooler.
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    Just... wow 🤩
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    While I can't wait to see it finished, this entire thread has been so much fun to keep coming back to, checking on your progress.

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    Always look forward to seeing updates on this thread.

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