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Thread: NGD- Fender HSS Strat

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    Congrats good strats are a good time.
    Needs Sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    Excellent choice with the all black plastic shit and volume knob placement

    Thank you. Yeah, the stock volume location has never work for me, it was way to close to where I strum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    That looks great! Black hardware would also make it look super metal.
    All in good time

    Quote Originally Posted by mpexus View Post
    How is the Chopper on the neck? Like a normal Humbucker or more "singlecoilish"?
    To me it sounds like a combination of a single coil and a SD 59. It's actually a pretty dam hot pickup, which is why I chose it. I also wired it for coil tap, and it dose split quite nicely. It's not as bright as the stock pickup, but still has that single coil sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by astrocreep View Post
    Looks great!

    How's it wired? You tried the Chopper in Parallel instead of series?
    To be honest, I have no idea. I couldn't find a diagram for what I was going for and I just kind of winged it.
    I have it wired
    Pos 1: bridge
    2: bridge & neck
    3: Neck
    4: neck coil split
    And I tried to wire it so each pickup had its own volume, but somewhere I took a wrong turn because as it is now both volumes have control over both pickups whether that pickup is selected or not.
    Maybe you can see something I'm not?

    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    Congrats good strats are a good time.
    I concur. I had bought another used MIM HSS a few years ago that I was planning to mod, but I think that was a lemon. I thought the Squire I learned on in the 90's was a better made instrument. So I sold it not much longer after I bought it.
    I'm glad I gave them another shot, because holy fuck, I had no idea how sweet a good one plays.
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    ooo shit yeah that H S rules.

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    Grats. That looks killer. I like that pickguard, by the way.
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