Ive been hankering to do a Strat build for a while and this popped up for sale for dirt cheap so no better time than now I guess.

It had obviously been sitting around for a while, the action was a mile high, and the saddle was starting to corrod. But other than that it's was in pretty good shape. I already replaced the saddle with some string saver blocks, and gave it a good cleaning, fret polishing and set up. And holy frigg this thing can play. I've never had a guitar that I was able to get the action this low without some sort of fret buzz. I currently have the bridge floating and it actually holds it tune fairly well when using the trem. Not so much if your dive bombing and squeeling.
Anyway, my plan was to block the trem, and set it to drop C and do a 1 humbucker 1 volume. But it sounds so good clean that would be a waste, so now I'm thinking of doing a HS.
I've got a Dimarzio crunch lab that's been waiting to go into a guitar. Now I need to find a single coil that would work well with it. Any suggestions?