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Thread: Fuck JB pickups

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonplayer View Post

    Seriously, you should give the Timber Wolfe a try. It's like taking a JB and dialing the "chunk" value up to 11. You could also send your JB into Wolfe for a rewind to Timbre Wolfe specs--that's what Mike and Dave here have done.
    Only for the 7 strings, since Wolfe doesn't make them. I just buy the regular pickup if I need a 6. If Wolfe's sale is still going on, they're a steal.

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    The pickups that to me sound like idealized JBs:

    Wolfetone Timberwolf - Tighter low end and less spiky in the top end, slightly less compressed
    Suhr Aldrich - Smoother and less low end woof, more compressed
    BKP Rebel Yell - Less hot and more vintage flavored, less woof in the lows but not any tighter, less spike in the high mid, less compressed
    Lollar DB - The perfect JB to me, less woof, tighter, good top end bite, but not harsh, less compressed

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    Wow lots of people are into the Wolfetone Timberwolf and I have never even heard of them. Right now I am debating 59 or Wolfetone Timberwolf because of all the high praise its getting.

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    Buy from Wolfe. He's a small shop and makes incredible stuff! Plus, as Mike mentioned, he's running some sales right now!

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    How’s the blisterbucker? It’s a ceramic Timberwolf, so like a wolfe Duncan distortion?
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    It wouldn't be an MG pickup recommendation thread without a 50/50 Wolfetone and Aldrich chorus
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Huh, I thought the JB in the ESP Horizon I used to own sounded just fine - perhaps the dull acoustic tone of that guitar worked nicely together with the JB.
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    I feel I need to get a JB just so I can:

    a) join the hate
    b) Compare it with the AT1 that I like in my main guitar.

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