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    Not sure what you have in your area, but if you have a business that specializes in fasteners, they may be able to match your screws with something that features a different head.

    We have a place here in Norman that has a customer service desk and those guys are good at what they do.

    Different grades of metal, different heads, different colors, etc.
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    Fuck anchors. I've had zero neck screws tear out on me and I'm about 70/30 on anchors stripping, getting crossthreads or backing out when you remove the neck screws. The actual shape of the driver, yeah, fuck philips screw heads but that's a totally different issue than where it threads into the neck itself.
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    Ever thought of installing brass inserts? Then you can choose whatever the fuck machine screw you like. That fucker ain't moving, ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    Ever thought of installing brass inserts? Then you can choose whatever the fuck machine screw you like. That fucker ain't moving, ever.
    What brand do you recommend?

    I actually do want to do that on a neck, but I forgot what brands people recommend and of course the number one result googling is Ed Roman, who was a big proponent of inserts.

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    Just get em from Mcmaster-Carr

    You can futz with the size but I use 8-32 thread as thats least invasive in terms of drill size, and you can still clamp necks on comically tight.
    I would not buy zinc ones as they just don't hold up. Brass is fine if you're careful not to cross thread etc. If you use a drill to attach neck screws at all I'd use steel. I use a drill and brass and I've never had a problem but while I may be stupid, I'm not an idiot. I like stainless over non stainless but the price difference is like 5x.

    Zinc plated Steel (not zinc, zinc-plated STEEL).




    Yeah maple will actually hold machine threads well too, especially cross-grain like that, but you do have to tap it if you want it to hold multiple in/outs in my experience, and I'd use a larger thread. I prefer inserts because I don't see a benefit to not having them, and they're not that expensive; even if you say $20 for 4 for stainless with excessive shipping isn't much in the scale of how much a guitar often costs
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