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Thread: The new Jackson 'Steal your girl' model

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    The wildcard series are MIK fyi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BStobart View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I take it back, its pro series, it will be shit even though it looks cool like every classic looking Jackson under 2k
    what's the beef with pro series? I've only tried them once or twice but they seemed decent. Price is silly but at least the Floyd is a normal original, instead of some weird cheap '1500' or whatever model
    Well the one I had looked cool as a lot of them do but they feel cheap and sound a bit dull I tried to convince myself otherwise as it looked cool but the reality was it was just a bit shit and every pro series I've tried have felt similar. I don't expect flawlessness from a £1000 guitar but I do expect it to feel and sound good. Really though when you take a step back and consider its £1000 you really xhould be getting something reasonably special.

    Ormsby is a good example, their stuff is slightly more expensive but its outsourced and batch built albeit on a smaller scale, but feels solid and sounds great, is very resonant etc. That's what a jackson Pro series should feel like.

    As it stands jackson have cool looking x and pro series with questionable build quality. Massively overpriced standard usa series which there is a lot of evidence of poor finishing of, especially around the headstock logo, and rare as fuck 3k minimum cool looking usa customs. Once you get to that price point you are just paying for exclusivity which is musically worthless.

    In short I find their product line and pricing structure absolutely fucked

    Also I say all of this as someone who actually wants to own a jackson because I like the asthetic but based on the above there is nothing im taking a chance on.

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    My positive experiences with the X series outweigh the positives with the pro too, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    Since this will inevitably be 1900€ over here, you could get a new MIA PRS CE for that price! People even consider MIJ Ibanezes for 1900 overpriced (I don't necessarily agree, but still), so this is pretty crazy.

    Cool looking guitar though.
    Exactly. There are very few guitars I would buy brand new these days. I stay in the used market and stay rather satisfied.
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    Looks like an ESP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetta View Post
    Looks like an ESP
    It basically is; there's a Kiko ESP and an LTD also with 27 frets and a Floyd that's basically this but black.
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    I recommend that anyone considering a 27-fret guitar actually find a way to play one before buying. My KxK Sii-7 has 27 frets, and I removed the neck EMG-81-7 because it was getting in the way of my picking hand. This Jackson (and the equivalent ESP/LTD models) is a little better that way because it has a SC-sized pickup in the neck position that might not get in the way for a lot of people. Nevertheless, if you often pick closer to the neck on a regular guitar, you may find that your pick bumps into the pickup a lot.

    If this SL27 is Korean and made at World Guitars, that does change the value equation a little. Their quality level is basically on par with Japanese guitars or close to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BStobart View Post
    what's the beef with pro series?
    YMMV, but the Pro Series SL3 I bought a couple of months ago is absolutely fantastic for what I paid (1K$, brand new). It plays better than some guitars I've had and were twice the price.
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