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Thread: The new Jackson 'Steal your girl' model

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    The main problem with the Pro Series is that the price isn't reflected in the level of quality control. Both Indonesian Jacksons I've bought over the last year had serious quality problems. See the threads I started here on my SL7 and Monarkh. At least the SL7 turned out to be a gem once I rewired it.

    I don't know their processes, but ESP seems to be able to get better results out of Indonesia, and I presume the same contract builder is involved. I'm guessing that ESP more closely inspects the instruments at the source and sends back the defective ones.

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    These will be MIK, but still $1900 is nuts. You can buy Japanese EIIs for that price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonplayer View Post
    $1900 for an Indonesian guitar? Nope.

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    I kind of want it even though its actually hurting my eyes.

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    The Wildcard models (like the Baked Ash models) are Korean, and come with a OFR. Still pricey in my view, especially since they don't come with stainless steel frets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonplayer View Post

    If this SL27 is Korean and made at World Guitars, that does change the value equation a little. Their quality level is basically on par with Japanese guitars or close to it.
    My Schecter KM-7 was made at WMI and it is fantastic easily the equal of Ibby Prestige (if not a bit better actually).

    I was very hesitant to spend that much on a Korean made guitar (especially one i had never tried before) but after getting it I was completely blown away. I will be getting a 6 string version soon-ish.

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    Oh man... If this had the AT-1 style headstock I'd buy it in an instant

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