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Thread: Some mods to my Mad Max Charvel

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    Vinyl or even plastidip on the headstock would make it killer.

    Plastidip is 100% removable and simple to do, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BStobart View Post
    How do you find the push-in bar? Does it generally stay put or does it have the Ibanez wobble?

    Its a game changer. No wobble at all. I put it on both of my guitars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    I really would like the tie the headstock in, but don't want to permanently modify it. Especially not as recommended by Matt. �� I would love to get a set of the aged copper Schaller tuners but it seems they run about $150.
    Gotoh makes them, too:

    JAPARTS : Exclusive: Aged Copper Finish

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    Yeah the Gotoh are cheaper, but the Scallers have the same footprint as the stock tuners.

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    That looks killer. Well done sir!

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    That looks awesome! It's expensive for something that works totally fine as-is, but I think that would look great with an aged copper bridge, rather than ust some brisge hardware.

    I love the push0in arms - they're more like the Gotoh design with an allen key for tension, than the Ibby one. I did wear one out over maybe -5 years of use, but that was an early one and may have been faulty. I just replaced it so in a few years I'll haver a better idea, but at $19.50 or so an arm, if I have to replace the arm holder ever several years, I'm ok with that.
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    Yeah a totally aged bridge would be awesome, but half the price of the guitar so it really wasn't an option for this project. I have about $50 worth of parts in this and I think it made a big enough difference. If it was a $3000 Suhr sure, but I think that really goes too far here.

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