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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
    That was precisely the thread I was thinking of...

    ... and my new guitar broke a couple of days ago.

    Jack connectors failed, probably having wobbled loose for ages owing to a loose nut. Bah. Now I have to re-learn how to solder (as I was telling Geoff over in his epic cab thread).

    But for the moment, until I figure that out, my personal version of Red House goes "I've still got my RG550! Look out!"

    Fortunately I can teach you to solder a jack via the intertubes!

    - Melt goopy stuff
    - Tidy up wires
    - Stick wires back on
    - Re-melt goopy stuff
    - Destroy the world

    Those strat style jacks are about as easy as it gets too.

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    Crumbs, yesterday really was one of those days.

    I posted that, tore away on my 550 and this promptly happened:

    Good job I treat these things as disposables and buy them in bulk...

    When the contractors have stopped crawling all over the house I'll be giving Not Mr. Test's "soddering" 101 a whirl...

    ... when I can "sodder" a new volume pot into my Phantom Blue RG, then I can destroy the world.

    There's nothing wrong with that pot, I just want to change the knob from knurled metal to a coloured plastic one for aesthetic reasons.

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