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    NGD: 7 string

    I sold on my Jackson HT6 as the neck just wasn't what I liked anymore. Beautiful guitar but needed to move on.

    Having looked at all kinds of different guitars, I settled on a 7 string. I was trying to find an old Universe (green dot or silver dot) but they were going for too much money or I just missed out on one.

    Then a few Carvin DC747s came up for sale. I remember loving the DC135 I had, so I took the plunge.

    I've got a few mods planned in the future (new pickup's and maybe change out the PING Floyd rose for a real one) but as it is, it's a great player. Really pleased
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    I've owned one of these and played a few really great ones. These are really sweet, super comfortable guitars man. Enjoy it, that looks great!

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    Nice! Part of me regrets not buying a Carvin back when they said Carvin on the headstock.
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    Hey, Jacksonplayer had one of these (Koa, of course) when he auditioned for Division - though I think his didn't have the Floyd? Nice guitars - I remember Matt Garcia from /7/ having one with Lundgrens in it that might have been the best sounding Carvin I've ever played, six or seven. Good score.

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    Thanks Mike. The pickups are letting this one down sadly. Not terrible but way too much bass. So I may change out the bridge pickup for a Dimarzio of some kind, maybe the EVO7

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    That’s gorgeous. Color me jealous. Have any samples? Would love to hear your before/after pup swap tones.
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    Love that color. Very nice. Congrats!

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    Beautiful specimen! Congratulations!
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