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Thread: You ever play a guitar that has no business being as nice as it is?

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    I've got a Vintage SG (the brand is called Vintage, it's probably 10 years old, so def not 'vintage' ), was about £40, it's fucking amazing. Big chonky neck, sounds like an SG should. It's great, I'll never sell the thing because it cost me practically nothing for a guitar that would probably cost me £800+ to find something of equal or better quality to replace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron1 View Post
    There's a guy around here who is always buying Mitchell's from GC then trying to flip them on the local Facebook instrument trader, has this pushy sales pitch of how they're better than any name brand guitar you can buy. Bought one for my kid last year and it was definitely not up to the hype, but for an entry-level guitar it was much better than my first one (some Hondo pos).
    That sucks. What does that say about my taste??! There's just something about the neck profile, finish, and action that make it enjoyable to play for me. I will knock them about the body shape- there isn't enough of a forearm cutout and the body has a "bulge" where the bridge & PUPs are (think Petrucci shovel guitars if the shovel part rose above the rest of the body).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post
    I've got a suhr rasmus Guthrie govan sig model. It's basically the suhr equivalent to a made in China epiphone. But it's incredible. Nothing comes close in terms of playability or tone, and it's the most versatile guitar I've ever owned.
    I played one of those at Matt's Music when they first came out and they are definitely asskickers.

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    Usually my problem is I get an expensive guitar that sucks ass more than cheap ones that are awesome but I guess that's to be expected. I've had 100% good luck with my 600 series signature LTDs all being great though and I haven't paid more than 500 for a used one, only new one was that red amott which I sold ;_; oh well needed money.

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    A sizable percentage of the guitars I've owned over the years fit this description. Probably because I'm a cheap-ass motherfucker, but one with standards.

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    My Charvette by Charvel, that I turned into a Bumble bee copy. Has an 80s compound radius strat neck of some kind, NOS peavey wolfgang pickup and an 80s double eagle Floyd copy.

    You ever play a guitar that has no business being as nice as it is?-1-jpg

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    My RG760 if you consider the price I paid for it. I don't know if it qualifies otherwise since they were higher end Ibanez models when new, but at one point you could get them criminally cheap. The one I have is seriously one of the nicest guitars I've ever played.
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