Stringjoy baritone strings
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    Stringjoy baritone strings

    I threw a set of these on my EBMM baritone the other day and I really like them:

    I'm a big fan of big strings, but sometimes baritones are a little less fun when you get up higher on the neck. It pains me to play anything with "super light" in the name but they're 12-58.

    Gauges: .012 – .016 – .024w – .032 – .044 – .058

    Time will tell how they hold up compared to elixirs, but as a guy that uses his hands a lot for Manly Things like tools, rock gyms and bikes, it's nice to have something a bit lighter on the fiddle for riffing.

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    dude, I wish elixir had options like these guys. as much as I love elixirs, it cripples my options since I'd just dismiss anything that isn't coated. This is really making me take a second look though.

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    Was only using Strinjoy for a while. The million gauges combinations, I really liked. In the end, I went back to Elixirs. IMO, they're less bright and I prefer that.
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    I've never bought anything from Stringjoy, but I do use their tension calculator on their website every now and then. I was considering trying some of their strings, but I live in Japan now (plus, I'm not exactly dissatisfied with what I've been using for the past 12 years or so).

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