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Thread: Need advice with guitar

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    Get that guitar. It'll get you a nice metal tone right out of the box.

    The amp he's playing (and probably isn't using any pedals with) is a Mesa Boogie Rectifier (probably a Roadster).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metal View Post
    Thanks. This is excellent advice. I am not the most motivated player . The issue with the present guitar is that it has a floyd rose. And i tried tuning it to a drop C. And that did not go well. I am now considering whether i need a new guitar at all. Maybe i need to figure out how to get the best tone out of my boss gt 100 DI into my DAW. Basically I may be under the illusion that a different pickups , and guitar will help me get the sound i am looking for
    Maybe you should have mentioned THIS in the OP?

    You dont need to buy a new guitar to fix this.


    And then tune it however you want.

    It's basically free or super cheap to do with any home material you may have around.

    Just make the bridge not move and your issue is solved.

    Floyd Roses are fantastic as long as you know what you do with them.
    But if you really want to tune differnt tunings you need to do something like this to make life easier.

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    Definitely block your Floyd Rose. Preferably with a banana.

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    Easiest way to do it, just add more coins if it's not blocking. Or in marketing a speak 'An expandable modular blocking system, constructed from density enhanced, high grade resonance materials'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    I use these. Tremolos are very fun to play with, but they can be an utter pain in the ass if you are new and want to focus on practicing and trying different tunings, and not have to spend time fucking with your bridge.

    These types of blocks will still allow you to dive the tremolo, but will not allow you to pull up. The vibrato/tremolo function remains intact, you just won't be able to do that Dimebag Darrell pull the string mega-sharp squeally thing.
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    You may be amazed to find that your Schecter Damien is a damn nice guitar, especially for the money. I have 2 Schecters, and they stand up to any guitar I own. So, don't be so quick to give up on Schecter.

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    I had a shit amp setup for a long time and it made me not really like playing now I just jam out every once in a while where I never did then. I still don't give a shit so I don't practice but I'd rather a 5150 and ltd than a suhr or something and a crate.

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