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    Quote Originally Posted by Not Mr. Test View Post
    Naw. I have a bunch of EBMMs with piezos in them and I never use the things.

    Once in a blue moon I'll run both outputs to two different amps and fart around for half an hour, but in general I think they're useless for bedroom superstars like me. I can see them being useful in a live scenario but otherwise I'll take a regular acoustic 10/10 times. I can pick out a piezo tone a mile away and they just never sound good to me.
    The 3 Sigma IRs are damned good, though, especially for blending an "acoustic" tone in a mix. The problem in your case is that solidbody guitars have too much sustain to convincingly pass as acoustics with IRs.

    Beyond just the convenient solution for live shows, though, you can output the piezos separately to a clean amp and mix with heavy saturation in the regular amp to get a very cool tone.

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    Nice, I have the 7 string version of this guitar. Would love to add a 6 someday to complete the pair!

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    I swapped the stock tuners for glorious Gotoh locking sexy:



    Much better. These are the best ~$65 ever, winding strings can fuck right off.

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