Help me pimp out my G&L
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Thread: Help me pimp out my G&L

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    Help me pimp out my G&L

    OK so in a blatant attempt to start increasing my post count. I present to you my latest fix-er up project.

    So here she is. Your basic G&L S-500. Ash body, maple neck (deep-c shape).

    It's been in service for about 3 years now. But it's in need of an overhaul. The bridge needs to be replaced, the pickguard is also on it's way out (developed a crack). This was also before G&L started PLEK'ing the necks before they left the factory. So I'm probably going to have it done while things are apart.

    What I'm looking to replace are the stock G&L pickups and also the pickguard. Pickup-wise. I'm thinking something that's hum-canceling (a must) with a moderate output. The stock electronics layout on this is volume-treble-bass (G&L's PTB system) with mini-toggle that allows a neck/bridge and neck/mid/bridge selections. I tried using DiMarzio's pickup finder, and it recommended their Virtual Solo in all 3 positions.

    Here's the thing. I'm not limited to using single coils. The body has a 'swimming pool' route. So I could do a H/S/S layout or even a H/S/H if I wanted to. I'm thinking about pure versatility here. Might as well considering all the switching options that are already available.

    For the technically inclined. The pot and cap values for the PTB system can be found here.

    Suggestions on pickguard & pickup colors also welcome. The parchment-white on 'burst finish is kind of boring to me these days.

    Have at it.

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    You may as well go H-S-H. As for the color, well, it may be boring but it fits. It's a conservative looking instrument, and I just can't see anything other than white or black for the 'guard and pickups. Hell, given the maple fretboard, white seems then best option.

    Now, how's about pictures of the Jackson CS Soloist 7?

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    go HHH with splits to every one of them

    nah,i would go HSS and put a coil tap on the bridge hum

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    I really like the look of a tortoise pickguard on a three-tone sunburst. It looks great with cream or black pickups.

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    Wilkinson VS-100. No question:

    Best two-point trem I've ever played, and they're like $89 new through Warmoth.

    For the pickups, it sounds as if you have plenty of 'bucker-equipped guitars, so I'd steer clear of putting humbuckers in there. Mini buckers, maybe, but I've heard great things about the Duncan noiseless singlecoils, and if you don't mind more invasive modding, a set of EMG SA's would rule - maybe just be done with it and throw in a Gilmore pre-assembled guard in there.
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    BTW, why does your bridge need replacing after only 3 years?

    Also, the PLEK process is done with the guitar fully assembled, with full string tension on it.

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    I'd say try the EMG Gilmour setup, with the three SAs, the SPC, and EXG. Very versatile.

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    ^ Basically what I was gonna suggest. The SA is an awesome, awesome pickup, and having played around with a Gilmour Strat, is a cornucopia of cool, usable tones.

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