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Thread: Your Weapons? (I sure hope they're Axes) (56k = Okay I guess. Maybe.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quasimodo_0815 View Post
    Yes: Active Duesenberg labled Humbucker from 1988.
    I'm Sorry - I really don't know much about all that stuff. It's more accidentally that I have this gear. But I guess it's Heavy Metal! At least the guitars were designed for that and they look like and I thought it's worth to show it. AND Yes they are really "heavy"
    By the way: Look at the different size:
    Those are wild.
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    I think those two deserve their own thread with more pictures as they're so wild, especially of the back. I want to see how the hell you operate the trem with your body.
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    Hi James, (un) fortunately I have to go to work to Brazil the next two weeks. Further on I am new in the forum so I need time to investigate how to open a thread and make all the pictures. Because I bought the Guitar a long time ago but was not able to learn playing (I restarted with acoustics recently) I never recognized that this is possible with that guitars. I only wondered always about the mechanics in the body. Now 27 years later (thanks to google) I found advertisements and other information from 1987 where the feature was described (now I know ). When I am back from work I try to open a thread and provide pictures. Until that I can share the attached screenshot. If this post is not allowed in this thread it can be shifted to another place.
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    Edit:....woops wrong thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExDementia View Post
    Jesus christ man, what tuning are you playing with those, and how is the Golden Gate Bridge holding up since you stole them?
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    The bridge should be good for another two or three string changes, then it's likely to fall into the bay.

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