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    NGD: Another Charvel post

    but mine is an oldie. 1988 Model 6.
    I posted up a question about a pickup set for this but now that I've got new strings on her I really like what's in there.
    I lifted the pups out eralier but there are no markings on the bottoms so I have absolutel no idea what is in this guitar. Can any of you guys tell me what is in here?
    I scored her for dirt cheap off the basy last weekend , not a mark on her, the only annoyance I have so far is that a previous owner used some kind of furniture polish on the fret board , hence the 'white". I scrubbed the shit out it earlier today without much success.
    Normally I don't like the 3 toggle system but with these pickups I am getting some beautiful tone mixing and matching them . The bridge /neck on together is giving a great lead tone.
    Already has on OFR on her I will have my tech put a floyd locking nut on there for me at some point as I hate doing string changes with the kahler type, it's a royal pain in the ass. this thing plays amazing, feels very much like the Red Jackson I sent to Mesh, really effortless. Frets are in great shape neck is nice and straight, I scored with this one
    obligatory pics.

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    Nice! If I had one like that, I'd put a push-push pot on the volume knob to act as a blower switch.

    Also, letting some lemon oil soak on the fingerboard might get rid of some of that white stuff.
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    Sexy. What does a blower switch do?

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    Bypasses everything to run the bridge pickup straight to the output jack. With a more fiddly switching system like that, it'll let you switch between just the bridge pickup and whatever settings you like best for leads or cleans with a push.

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    Nice score! I miss my Model 6.

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    Very nice, dude.

    I love my Model 6. I threw an OFR on mine, as well.

    It actually takes a little while getting used to the toggles, but you can come up with some pretty fun stuff.

    As for your pickups, I'm not too sure. It looks like it may be an Evo or a PAF Pro, paired up with maybe a Fast Track, Chopper, or something like that.

    I've got a Duncan Distortion in mine, with a JB Jr. and Lil' '59, and I'm really happy with them.

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    Thats a great score. Always wanted one in snow white.

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    Hell fucking yes.

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