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Thread: NGD Road Flare Red Ibanez rg7 + paint secrets!

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    Fuuuuuuuuuck yes! That looks freaking awesome

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    Location: NY

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    Ben, I've been binge watching your videos, really enjoying them. Thanks.

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    ME: Ibanez AZ
    Rig: Atomic►Zilla/HS8's

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    What an awesome project and guitar! It sure turned out great.

    If you don't mind me asking, what Kemper profile are you using for the rhythm sounds towards the end? Sounds nice and meaty but still with enough snarl.

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    Location: Berlin, Germany

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    Fantastic guitar and great video. They really got it right with the 550 back then... so glad I have one.

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    MA: yamaha
    Rig: Axe FX II

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    Lol I wonder how many more hits dayglo site got cuz of this video. Lol. I'm going there.
    Not 9 EMGs

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    Ibanez should offer this up as a standard model................that's how hot it is
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