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    ESP/LTD 2016

    Lazy as fuck, so I'm just copy and pasting the thread I made on SSO

    2016 Product Preview - The ESP Guitar Company

    Be aware some of the new models aren't pictured.

    Some other interesting tidbits.

    Alex Wade, Ben Savage, and Zach Householder of Whitechapel have also made significant updates to their respective models with the LTD AW-7B, LTD BS-7B QM, and LTD ZH-EC7B QM. All three are seven-string models at 26.5” baritone scale, and outstanding new finishes.
    the E-II Viper Baritone offers a 27" scale with setthru construction, a 24-fret ebony fingerboard, and an EMG 81/85 pickup set, and comes in a great-looking Charcoal Metallic Satin finish.
    the new E-II EX-NT is a powerful new guitar that uses the EX shape.
    For 2016, ESP has debuted the E-II Arrow-7, a seven-string version of the exciting Arrow design.
    We’ve also made additions and updates to the ESP USA Series. The M-II NTB is a neck-thrubody design in outstanding Sapphire Black, Pearl White, and Cobalt Blue finishes, with high-end components like EMG Metalworks 81/85-X pickups. New finishes and design changes for other ESP USA models include the USA M-III (Purple Sunburst finish), the USA Eclipse (Emerald Green Sunburst with quilted maple top), and the USA Horizon-II (Amber Cherry Sunburst with flamed maple top).
    Last but certainly not least, Will Adler (Lamb of God) has a new version of his ESP Will Adler Warbird and LTD WA-WARBIRD with Fishman Fluence pickups.
    One of ESP’s most highly-respected players, Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, has updated the seven-string LTD SC-607B and the eight-string LTD SC-608B to also include Fishman Fluence pickups.
    It’s a similar story for Buz McGrath and Ken Susi of Unearth with the LTD BUZ-7QM and LTD KS-M7 ET, whose new seven-string guitars offer features like Fishman Fluence pickups and an EverTune bridge on Ken’s model, along with great new finishes and tonewoods.
    Two of ESP’s most iconic players, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, also have new Signature Series models coming out in 2016. We can’t tell you the details about these guitars just yet, since they’re in the final stages of development. Around the time of the NAMM Show in late January, be prepared for some very exciting news about these new guitars that are scheduled for release in early 2016.
    Other new Signature Series artists include Alan Ashby (Of Mice & Men), who has customized a TE Series
    Mille Petrozza (Kreator) has put together a daring V-shaped model with Fishman Fluence pickups, a Floyd Rose, and glow-in-the-dark side dots with the E-II MK-1 and the LTD MK-600
    Another highly anticipated baritone guitar is the LTD Viper-200B, which features the cool double-cutaway styling of the Viper model in a 27” scale guitar that’s priced for almost any musician.
    The LTD F-200B is a baritone guitar (27” scale) with 24 frets and bolt-on construction
    Bass stuff:
    Brand new to LTD are the H Series special edition basses with the H-1004SE and H-1005SE. They are based on the coveted ESP Horizon bass, but use burled maple tops in a Honey Natural finish, along with Nordstrand Big Splits pickups.
    Stream- SL5, a five-string bass at 35” scale with a larger body than the previous version, and is being made in Deep Red Metallic Satin and Snow White finishes.
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    Ugh. They ruined the KS7 that's for sure.
    "I'm really not going to change to something else just because SSD4 fucks with my ass right now."

    - Rocka_Rollas

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    Would love a solid black version of that Ben Savage model with a TOM bridge.

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    The new BUZ7 is really nice. I never cared for the white with black burst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGhoarder View Post
    They fixed the KS7 that's for sure.

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    All of those, and the Urban Camo and the black one to its right, they get me where I live.

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    When did Mille start playing ESP?

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    Hipshots on the TE's: fucking fuck yes.

    Ken Susi should design their entire line. Every guitar he's had was beautiful.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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