Guitar of the Month nomination process rules
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Thread: Guitar of the Month nomination process rules

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    Guitar of the Month nomination process rules

    Since we've had an influx of new members, I thought it made sense to put the rules in writing for all to see.

    • In order to qualify, a guitar must be nominated and seconded at least once. The three guitars with the most seconds will make it to the final vote.
    • If you nominate a guitar, and leave out the owner's username or picture, we will send Donnie and Shannon to your house to drink all your beer. Yes, even the can of four year old Beast Light sitting in the back of the fridge behind the half empty bottle of pickles.
    • We don't care how many strings it has, if it is a guitar, it qualifies. Just try and keep in mind that our site is Metal Guitarist, so don't nominate Drew's acoustic.
    • You may only make one nomination per month.
    • You may only second three nominations per month.
    • No shilling for your own guitar. If you try to nominate your own guitar, or troll for votes anywhere on the forums, I'll disqualify it for the month and change your avatar to a box of Summer's Eve. If someone requests pics or clarification, you may, of course, provide.
    • Please keep the discussion out of the nominations threads, since it makes it a pain for me to get the final count for nominees.
    • Nominees must be a member here for at least 2 months.
    • You can only win GOTM once every 3 months. This gives people who aren't Nolly and Bulb a chance.

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    Added one new rule at the end.

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