Seymour Duncan JB. TB-4, trem spaced. Lead has been trimmed to about 4", but other than that it's in perfect order. I can extend the lead if you like, but it should be more than plenty to get you to a volume pot and selector switch in most guitars. Mounting threads are in tact, never been direct-mounted or any of that nonsense.


Seymour Duncan STK-S1n - Noiseless single coil, taken from the neck position in my Jackson Dk2 (MIJ), which came with two, the other one ended up in my Charvel. 10" of lead, lovely woody sounding single coil without the hum.


This is a bit of an odd one... Swineshead were a UK handwound pickup maker but stopped going a few years back. This is a "Venom" neck pickup. Hot ceramic, like an Evo. It's got a good 10" of wire and is in great nick.

Looking for £35