What's the consensus here on the Evo?
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Thread: What's the consensus here on the Evo?

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    What's the consensus here on the Evo?

    This is for my Charvel So Cal.
    Purely out of boredom/curiosity. Just wanna try some stuff and that's one of those "popular" pickups I've never paid any real attention to.

    Based on literally nothing, I have it in my head that this is a pretty hot/tight pickup. Am I right?

    Things i like in pickups;
    - Definition
    - Tightness
    - Clear. Bright.
    - Note separation on chords, even with distortion
    - A nice chug factor (doesn't mush up when you palm mute but still has a nice chunk to it)
    - Must be fairly versatile. I play a lot of mid-gain bluesy stuff and a lot of high gain pickups just sound quacky/ice-picky when the gain comes off

    How many (if any) of these things will it do?

    I don't play amazingly heavy stuff. I mean you know my deal, like a more riffy King's X. So I don't need surgically tight DM/thrash levels, but I do like it to be tight. I flit between drop C/C#/Eb standard using 10-46/52.
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    In my experience it'll do all of those. It's my 2nd favourite passive pickup behind the Blackbird.

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    Should be pretty good for someone coming from a background with the Distortion or JB. Similar hotness but tremblier. I consider hot pickups kinda like running an OD in terms of pushing the front of the amp, and how it's EQd makes a difference, and I've always had a preference for higher mid pickups because the seem to drive the amp to crunch sooner
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    Cool stuff...

    I'm currently having another fling with the L500XL. Goddam that pickup is amazing. The distorted rhythm tone is, well, there's nothing like it. My issue is, I have different moods, as does my music, and there are a lot more crunchy/semi-clean things creeping in here and there. Rolling the gain off on the L500XL is like introducing 7 million single-coils. Twang-city. It stops sounding like a humbucker all together, and it gains an unmusically trebly tone. As I've stated many times, I love bright. But the brightness of the XL when you're on a crunch setting is overbearing.

    But the slight scoop in the mids and the slamming tightness... That's what i'm loving.

    My hope is that the Evo sits somewhere between that and the Distortion's mountains of juice.

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    It's great.

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    I need to give it another shot. When I tried it, it sounded dark and woofy compared to a Bill & Becky L500XL and EMG 81. Might have been a bad match for the guitar.

    Also, scoop in the mids and tight sounds a lot like the Duncan Omega.
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    I only tried it on the recent JEM I got but to me it ticks all the options you are looking for. Going back and forth between the JEM and the Charvel (with the Distortions) I'd say they are on the same league but dont sound the same. The Distortions are more aggressive to my ears but the note definition on the EVOs is very pronounced. In fact I could swear they even capture your heartbeat on your fingers blood, those fuckers seem to pick up all the nuances either you want it or not. Harmonics fly on them and they are on the Trebly side that's for sure but didn't sounded harsh to me.. Now the JEM is Basswood for what it matters (if it really makes a difference or not...)

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    The Evo is more mid focused over the L500 or Distortion, but it can certainly pull off everything you've listed. It's clear to the point of unforgiving if you make even the slightest mistake. The thing rips as a rhythm pickup and can cut above dense mixes for leads.

    I like the Evo2 better for my style as it's less output and more smoother to cut off some of the high end of the original.

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