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Thread: The penny's dropped. Lower output pickups are better, even for high gain.

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    I love the Aldrich. Just picked up a Dean Baker Act for cheap, gonna give that a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. S View Post
    Visual representation of Matt's pickup purchasing habits:

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    I have to disagree but it depends on your personal preference. I recall trying the Seymour Duncan AHB-2 Blackout in high output mode. That thing chugged like crazy, a great pickup for metal even though it had no usable clean tone. When I try and push a low output pickup to chug like that it does not have the same feel or tone.

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    I'm all over the map with pickups, right now. I like having variety. My Les Paul has '59s and sounds amazing. My cheapo Soloist SLXT has an EMG 57/66 combo, and it's just pure EMG chug but with more 'chewiness' than an 81.

    I will say that you really do have to match guitars with specific pickups. '59s are great in a Les Paul but I hate them in almost everything else. The JB is great in a Soloist or SG but sounds like ass in most other guitars I've tried them in.

    Ceramics certainly have their place. I love the Duncan Custom and it works in a lot of guitars. What I find with overwound pickups generally is that they really have to be set lower under the strings compared to a low output PU in order to retain enough clarity.

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    If you want something a bit clearer sounding you could try PA-TB2 as well, that is a pretty neat pickup.

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    Yeah, I've always hated the way they look but they do offer interesting results. Plus Rich Ward used one for years so I've always wanted to give one a spin
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