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Thread: Instead of a tubescreamer boost, why not tighter pickups?

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    If you really want you can to experiment with the idea you can change your tone knob to a low cut knob to experiment with it. I believe darren had a thread on this a while back.

    Another idea is that you could just wire up a low cut filter to a switch that you turn on and off.

    As mentioned though in the rest of the this, it's just more versatile and easier to just have a pedal do it.

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    I also like to use it as a boost, bringing up the signal a bit into the amp to get a bit more gain into the amp. I always prefer that sound to turning the gain up on the amp. Perhaps if you could hardwire that setting and put it in as a switch I'd be interested. But it's still probably easier to just use a pedal.
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    Because the tube-screamer approach works better, simply put. There's no way to get that sound with a "pickup with the tubescreamer aspect built in" without it being terrible.

    It's part of an overall larger debate when it comes to recording, signal flow, and stuff like that about a difference in approach philosophy between "capture everything and filter stuff out later" and "capture only what you need".

    Obviously most people go for an approach that is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, but going with pickups meant to mimic the qualities of a tubescreamer is just too restrictive. It has to be a separate aspect of the signal chain to work well.

    Of course, there are pickups and amps and pickup/amp/guitar combinations that don't require a tubescreamer at all. Even for extreme metal.

    But the whole "designing a pickup to mimic the aspects of a tubescreamer right out of the box" thing is a terrible idea.

    Tube Screamers also compress your signal quite a bit, and most people prefer to have the signal out of the guitar more uncompressed and then apply compression to it to taste at the inumerable number of stages where compression is involved between when your signal leaves the guitar 1/4th out and it hits peoples' ears.

    Also, cutting the low end out at that early of a stage completely kills the ability to do thrashy style palm mutes. If you want like, the style of palm muting Metallica popularized (which is obviously the only style of palm muting out there for the trve), you need the low end for the feel, even if you are getting rid of it later.

    High passing with a nice usable shelf at ~70-90HZ on a recorded signal of a guitar near standard tuning is a fantastic idea that is pretty bog standard....

    But it's definitely not the same thing as high passing the signal at that same place the second it leaves the guitar.

    Just because you don't want to hear those frequencies at the end doesn't mean you don't want them hitting your amp. Or hitting a pedal, or whatever.

    FWIW, Tube Screamers also aren't a hard high-pass either. They have mix/balance/level knobs that most people keep around noon/50%. They aren't actually used as a strict high pass cutting all those frequencies out.

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    Now if you're talking about pickups that sound great without a tubescreamer when combined with the right amp/guitar/etc. that's a totally different thing. There are plenty of those even for the most extreme styles.

    But pickups built to mimic the response/filtering of a tubescreamer out of the box? Terrible idea.

    I personally don't use boosts anymore. I love the OD 808, and had it permanently switched on for 4-5 years, but I kind of grew to not like it. Depends on your entire setup though. Some amps do better with one for certain styles. I wouldn't touch anything with "Rectifier" in the product name without a tubescreamer boost. But i've done things like going from a dual recto to a 5150, and you just don't need it on the board anymore making that change. Some combinations of gear grind hard enough without one.

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    Because some dumb fucks like Marshalls
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    Quote Originally Posted by BStobart View Post
    Because some dumb fucks like Marshalls
    fuck off
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    Buying a pedal doesn't require you to know how to rewire a guitar. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toshiro View Post
    They make a pickup that sounds like it has a TS9 on it, Duncan Livewire Heavy Metal.
    They should make a new one with the tone knob rolled up instead of rolled down like on that one.

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