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Thread: Instead of a tubescreamer boost, why not tighter pickups?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    There are only a handful of amps that sound better going straight in the front, and the Mark series is one of them.
    This, I used to stick my gt od in front of my mk v but more recently I found it just makes the amp sound generic and kills the character of it. Its deffinetly better without. Maybe i should experiment with other boosts but i dont see any reason to when it sounds so good without.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McKay View Post
    I find it with 5150s, as long as there's enough input gain to chug I'm happy. That said the plus versions a waaaaay better without a boost. Tighter and thumpier than the non +. I've always looked on with confusion when people say the non + amps are bassier. More open yes. Bassier no.
    This. There's barely any difference between the two anyway, but it's just one of those things people like to say is better. The original is more open yeah, more raw, but it's not bassier, like you said. They can be dialled in to sound more or less identical, but the +/II models are slightly brighter and tighter, so can be more readily played without a boost. I personally prefer them

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    ... I found it just makes the amp sound generic and kills the character of it
    This right here is why I've been on this massive pickup/amp/boost-or-not-to-boost obssession lately!

    I've come to the conclusion that I do tend to prefer an amp without a boost, but I also prefer pickups that aren't so hot/cold/compressed that they're just doing what the boost was doing anyway... Hot pickup, but still toneful (why I've come full circle to the Aldrich), into an amp that doesn't sound like shit without a boost.. job done.

    Or if you are going to boost, boost it with something that doesn't have so much of its own tone to it. Like boosting with an EQ pedal instead of a TS. This is what I've really been enjoying lately with pleasing results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    Triple recs really aren't that much tighter than a Dual. They've got a touch more of that "punch to the gut" attack about them, but they're pretty much the same in their gain structure.

    A find rectos impossible to use without a boost unless you're using EMG's. It can be done, and I have done it, especially for recording, but it doesn't feel great to play through. It feels too stiff and not fluid enough. Again, it's not about the amount of gain, it's the gain structure.
    Agreed 100%. I had my old triple for 6 years, and I purposely bought it over a dual because the DR clean channel was terrible in comparison. Not sure if they fixed that on the multi-watt, but the 2 channel and 3 channel DRs have awful cleans. You can't say it's just headroom either, b/c they absolutely fixed it with the Mini Rec, as the mini has the best recto clean sound I think I've ever heard. I never thought the triple and the dual were much different from each other otherwise.

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