Instead of a tubescreamer boost, why not tighter pickups?
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Thread: Instead of a tubescreamer boost, why not tighter pickups?

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    Instead of a tubescreamer boost, why not tighter pickups?

    Hear me out here - Obviously we know the trick of a tubescreamer in front of a high gain amp to tighten tone up (mostly from the low end roll off), but with this being such a prolific practice why not just get pickups with a tighter and less pronounced low end at the source? Wouldn’t that accomplish the same thing and negate the need for the extra step?

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    I don't think a pickup can physically high-pass the signal like a tubescreamer can.

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    Because it's nice to have control over the signal. Even as a guy that pretty much 100% has a TS on, it's nice to control the tone, the level, etc.
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    My problem with this practice is that you're stuck with that tone. Tight high output pups are amazing at one thing. That's fine if that's all you do but if the same thing can be accomplished by having to stomp on a boost but with the option of clicking that off and having great tones elsewhere... No brainer.

    Also as per my thread on this I feel like even for high gain tones a lower (not low, lowER) output pup can often do it better. Do it in a more controlled and toneful way.

    Depends on the guitar/amp/player but that goes without saying really.
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    They make a pickup that sounds like it has a TS9 on it, Duncan Livewire Heavy Metal.

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    Choices, you can leave it on or choose to turn it off. If you play out being able to make unanticipated changes is a good thing. Sound check a room, then get lucky enough to fill it with people and it sounds different, nice to have options.
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    I always turned the Tube Screamer off for anything clean (or low to mid gain). If it's on 100% of the time, then suddenly I'm stuck with that tone forever. No cleans (or at least no decent sounding cleans).

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    It's also probably to do with feel.
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