Double single bridge pickup?
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Thread: Double single bridge pickup?

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    Double single bridge pickup?

    Anyone here ever tried moving the middle single coil down to the bridge single coil and leaving the strat wiring the same as standard? Would it sound like a humbucker at all when you have both pickups selected? I always hear that spliting a humbucker never sounds quite as good as a normal single coil so why not use a real one? Lol

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    Yup, had a Vintage V6 Filmore stratcat with Wilkinson overwound classic late 60's sound pups.
    They had swapped the mid and bridge pups to make for a more uniform neck-bridge tone, which worked just fine.
    Second position (from bridge) was the traditional neck+mid on parallel, with this pup swap resulting in a hybrid sortof-humbucker yet still sortof-parallel pups sound.

    I made it sound a touch less humbucking by adding tiny neodynium magnets to the bottom of the mid pup poles; really initially to be able to lower the mid pup to avoid hitting it with the pick
    Interestingly, this makes that [bridge] pup sound a Bit less 'hard' and more rounded, so the overall concept turned out really interesting.

    One tone control was arranged for bridge and neck, the other separately for the mid pup. By turning down the mid pup tone, I would get a more bridgy, more parallel-pups tone; turning it up would result in a more full tone.

    Apart from the damned annoying work in getting the whole faceplate with pups'n'pots and long screws sticking down off the cat, it's a fairly simple mod to try.
    Can't provide more info or any clips as it's been sold (which I shouldn't have done).
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    I believe this is a signature configuration of Lace Senor 'Dually' line.
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    This is exactly what a Duncan Stag Mag is.
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    I think there are a few production models with a config like this, for example the PRS 513 and Charvel Avenger (or the Charvel apparently has two single coil sized humbuckers right next to each other, which seems a bit overkill)
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    Seems I misunderstood the OP question; sorry 'bout the potential confusion in my reply.
    Might be useful for some other purpose, hopefully.
    But oh well... I at least learned something useful from the other answers

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