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Thread: Pickup color coordination question...

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    Pickup color coordination question...

    OK so this showed up the other day. Pickups are already outta there.

    .... should I stick with white pickups on this? Or should I be swapping these for black bobbins?

    And before anyone suggests. I'm almost positive this has only a H-H routing under the pickguard. So H-S-S with slanted single-coils isn't going to happen.

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    Choose four random colours for each bobbin

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleven59 View Post
    Choose four random colours for each bobbin
    Well if I ever decide to strip the paint off of it. Then yeah. I'll make it look something like this.

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    White with a black pearl pickguard!

    BTW: That guitar is fucking HOT!

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    I'd go with white. I like having pickups stand out.

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    Voted noodles, but definitely stay white. Great looking fiddle!

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    I'm a bit surprised that the old fogies didn't put their 2 cents in about the Jake E. Lee color scheme.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Voted noodles, but definitely stay white. Great looking fiddle!
    Thx. It's a bit of an odd bird this one. Like for example.

    Ebony skunk stripe. I don't think I've ever seen that before. Actually I was a bit concerned that it might end up cracking down the road. But Darren told me that there's nothing to worry about.


    It's got a flush mounted pickguard, and I guess what would be considered a RR-style jack instead of the usual oval plate.

    What I didn't like, although it doesn't really matter at this point. Was that they didnt use a F-Spaced pickup in the bridge position. Now I just have to figure out which bridge pickup to get for this. I'm thinking I'll be using either an Air Norton or PAF Pro in the neck.

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