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Thread: Pickup color code chart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soopstradamus View Post
    Ohhh yeah... I never got around to making it larger OR adding new pickups.


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    Kinda random but what about lundgren?

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    But what's wrong with, I don't know, picking the same colors? Damn manufacturers...

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    Anyone ever wire up a dually lace sensor? I've recently come into one and wouldn't mind giving it a shot.

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    Lundgren M8
    Blue = North Start (Hot)
    Red = North Finish
    Yellow = South Finish
    Green = South Start
    Bare = Ground

    Tom Anderson HN3+
    I'll post later...I think I'm confused what went where...I'll check it out and report back.
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    This is fantastic.

    And would be even better if you made it colour blind friendly!
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    Just realized the old picture is still showing.

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    I just googled this, and got directed here.

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