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Thread: The Homebrew DIY pedal review thread

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    Pedal Name: Classic Overdrive
    Supplier: Build Your Own Clone
    Full kit (y/n): Yes - though you do have to select knobs and LEDs separately (the order process makes this very clear)
    Kit contents (if a kit):Enclosure, PCB board, pots, switch, all resistors/caps/chips/etc. Separate dropdowns to add LEDs and kobs. Finished case optional.
    Component Quality (out of 10): No real basis here but they seemed all good quality. My first kit so I'm going to go with a 7 to reflect the fact I'm no expert.
    Difficulty Rating (out of 10): This was my first time wiring anything more complex than a pickguard, and it worked the first time I plugged it in. I'm gonna go with a 3 - if I could do it, I'm sure any of you can.
    Did it take long to build?: Probably a couple hours all in, but I spaced it out over maybe 2-3 nights.
    Where the build docs any good?: Yes - they were very clear.
    Drill templates included (y/n): N/A
    Review of the kit/pcb/parts: Came with all the necessary parts, everything was clearly labeled. Not much more to say.
    Review of the end result: I mean, it's a TS808 clone. Sounds like it should - maybe a hair more grit than my Chaos mod TS9, but it's a tube screamer. Hot custom enclosure sprayed by Dana. \m/
    Did you modify anything?: Not to my knnowledge.
    Overall Score (out of 10): 8. Fun project, and it's way cooler to have your own custom overdrive on your pedalboard than another green OD. I'm tempted to try their Silver Pony for another flavor.
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    Ive built about 15 pedals in the last year or so. None were from kits though. Ive just been using the layouts on tagboard. It so much cheaper using veroboard and then ordering parts from somewhere like tayda.

    My favourties so far are: Sunface BC108 (ive added a swtich to toggle between 108's and 109's), Zvex Super Duper, Timmy, Dod250 , Deep Blue Delay, Green Russian Big Muff.

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