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Thread: Guitar buzz in drop c after guitar shop setup

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    Go on, tell us who it was.... was it PMT? I bet it's PMT...
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    I bet it's Thomann. Right? Cause I mean.. Solar.

    I would honestly not even be surprised if it came from the factory like that. I love Ola, and I love my Solar guitars and the service I received buying my solars was top fucking shelf, but the quality is still very much what you would expect from an Indonesian factory and there was some work that I had to put in to get them up to the top knotch playing instruments that the fan boys all claim they are.

    The fact that Thomann (again, who I'm going on just by the fact that it's a solar) set it up and sent it off like this is unacceptable all the same.
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    That definitely looks like a 60.

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