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Thread: Another pickup thread

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    Another pickup thread

    First let's get this out the way, I like invaders... only in the brightest of guitars but I like them.

    So I have recently installed one in my mayones duvelle. It's got a poplar top and is snappy as fuck sounding, used to have a nazgul that came in it stock but I never really got on with it it was ok but I wanted more output and nastiness.

    So I'm happy with the invader but it has a sentient in the neck which I also want rid of. My go to neck pickups would be the obvious 59 or jazz but I'm not sure if they will be horribly unbalanced with an invader?

    Anyone got any other suggestions? I thought maybe a distortion neck would work. Probably don't want the invader neck as I'd like some amount of versatility but I'm more keen on decent lead tones on this guitar than cleans so I'm not too worried about having something that can give me sparkly cleans.

    Suggestions appreciated

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    Depends what you're after in a neck pup tbh. I'm unlike most other people in that I really like a contrast between neck and bridge pickups. I don't want it to sound like I've just moved the bridge pickup 4" towards the neck when I flick the selector switch, if you know what I mean. I want it to sound like I've selected an entirely different sound. This is why I love mixing up Humbuckers and Single Coils. I don't even mind the volume/output drop between them.

    Anyway... If you're looking for contrast and something really raspy, but won't feel like a huge volume drop I say go for a Dimarzio D'Activator neck. It's quite focused and almost single-coily, but still enough output to keep up with the Invader.

    If you want something that's going to sound in the same ballpark as the Invader in the bridge, I'd go for the Distortion neck like you said. I actually don't like the Distortion neck pickup. It's too hot, and has no character. But if you're wanting a smooth transition between the two, this would be the one to go for.
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    ME: Suhr M5
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    Rig: Mesa Mk V + Axe FX II

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    Cheers, yeah I'm not sure I'm bothered about it having the same sound it's more that I don't want it to sound like I've just backed the gain and volume of 25% which I'm assuming would be the case with a 59 or jazz.

    I'll check out the deactivator.

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    Have you considered the D-Activator X neck?
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    Location: Glasgow - Scotland
    ME: Suhr M5
    MB: Squire Jazz
    Rig: Mesa Mk V + Axe FX II

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    I've really not considered dimarzio at all as I am not familiar with them

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    I am going to go HS on my new Charvel so I will have a Distortion neck up for sale soon. It’s white though.

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    Put a Screamin Demon bridge model in the neck? I like 10-11k A5 pickups(like the Breed or Liquifire) in the neck though.

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    DA neck is fantastic but I'm stubborn about matching brands when it comes to pickups soooo... Invader neck? Maybe an Alpha?
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