NewTremoloDay: 100% Gotoh Edition.
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Thread: NewTremoloDay: 100% Gotoh Edition.

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    NewTremoloDay: 100% Gotoh Edition.

    The pull up on the OFR on my Xiphos was giving me issues. I dunno if it's the way the saddles are shaped, or what, but as you pull up the strings go lower against the fretboard a lot faster than the Gotoh trems in my other guitars. I thought about swapping the Gotoh from the purple Charvel to the Xiphos, but that seemed silly.

    Enter a brand new Gotoh GE1996T:
    20190424_163721 by SR, on Flickr

    Some things have changed since the last time I bought one. They started putting a new logo on the bass side wing, and took the "High Stability Tremolo System" writing off the tail. Also you can order it with 3 different sized blocks stock; 33mm, 36mm, 40mm.

    20190426_111111 by SR, on Flickr

    Before pic:

    20190426_111027 by SR, on Flickr

    After pic:

    20190426_124346 by SR, on Flickr

    With the same action height I can pull up about another full step on a harmonic. Oh, and all my guitars have the same trem!

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