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Thread: What should I do with the switch on my guitar?

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    On/Off switch. Wire it to connect the hot to ground, and not to disconnect the hot from your output, that will leave you a buzzy mess instead of dead silence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    Take a picture of the wiring, it'll help a) decypher what it is, and b) suggest what it could do instead.
    It's kind of a mess of wires so it's hard to get a good picture, but this is what I got.

    From what I can see, red and white wires from the pickup go to the second post on the switch, and the first post has a ground going to the pot. Also while I was moving wires around to get a good picture, I realized the ground going to the bridge wasn't connected to anything (which might have something to do with my noise problem). And the black pickup ground wire goes to that little tab screwed to the inside of the cavity and that has a green wire that is soldered to the back of the pot, which I thought went to one of the legs on the pot, but it's been a while since I've messed with rewiring a guitar.

    Quote Originally Posted by Assault Bacon View Post
    I'm probably the wrong person to answer this.

    I had a boost switch built into my Les Paul... it had that, and pickup split, etc... I gutted it.

    I wired it 50's style with a 3-position switch and the rest of that shit is sitting in a drawer in my office.
    I did that too with my Les Paul, but this is a switch that was added to the guitar, so I figured if I'm going to have to fix it I might as well make it do something cool.

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    That's wired as a coil tap switch then. The tab is meant to be a ground point for the cavity shielding, hence it being connected to the back of the pot. Redo all the shitty solder joints, reconnect your bridge ground and then you're probably good to go.
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    Disconnect it and leave it on. Instant Lee Sklar "producer switch" cool. 8)

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