What should I do with the switch on my guitar?
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Thread: What should I do with the switch on my guitar?

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    What should I do with the switch on my guitar?

    I have an old Charvel Model 2 that need to be rewired. Sometime in the past 30 some odd years, somebody added some kind of switch to it. I'm not real sure what it does (I guess either a coil tap or phase switch) but it makes it sound real thin and staticy, and it has one of the worst solder jobs I've ever seen on it.

    Obviously, my first thought was just make it a killswitch, but I was listening to The Outlaws and got to thinking about adding a Stratoblaster or some other kind of on board effect.

    So, if you had a guitar with a random ass switch on it, what would you wire it up with?

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    Adjust the rotational speed of the earth???

    Umm, I'd definitely be tempted with some sort of boost. Or leds.

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    Take a picture of the wiring, it'll help a) decypher what it is, and b) suggest what it could do instead.
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    I'm so metal I shit bats

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    I don't have anything to add apart from The Outlaws rule.

    It may be a shitty cold solder - maybe try to reflow it and see if that does anything.

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    I'm probably the wrong person to answer this.

    I had a boost switch built into my Les Paul... it had that, and pickup split, etc... I gutted it.

    I wired it 50's style with a 3-position switch and the rest of that shit is sitting in a drawer in my office.
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    Add a component for more distortion.

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    Coil tap.

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