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Thread: Higher tension springs for Ibanez ZR trem system?

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    You can also look into switching materials, since different metals and alloys have different elasticity characteristics. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/y...lus-d_773.html

    The spring manufacturers definitely offer a lot of their designs in numerous options. In terms of the massive spring companies, the people reselling them for trem springs don't ever specify really. There's not an actual factory that just does "Guitar Trem Springs" though, half the components in trem design aren't actually specialized shit. The saddles and stuff sure. But a lot of the bolts and springs and shit like that they just order from other massive companies. So if you go directly to the people the guitar companies are buying their springs from you will see more options than looking at guitar parts sites.

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    Also, it seems to be a weird thing to be passionate about, and I may know a bizarre amount about springs due to the fact my Seventh Grade Science Project was on Hooke's Law (it won first place at regionals and second at state, this was back when I still had academic promise, could have gone to nationals, but didn't ), but springs and the pertinent physics are actually massively important for musical applications.

    Trem springs and spring reverbs are some of the more obvious applications, but things like plate reverbs and proper plate reverb design require an intensive knowledge of spring physics and spring manufacture.

    The springs that hold the metal plate can be tuned to "tune" the plate reverb, it's not just an issue of "throw any old springs on there". Although it's not always springs and is often other tensioning devices. But the point is springs and tension are pertinent in a bunch of ways people don't immediately realize.

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    From my experience the heavy red coated spring do have more tension, they are also quiet. 3 was overkill, I had to bring the tension adjustment out with 3, 2 would have been fine but I wanted it stiff 7 heavyer guage strings B standard.

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