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Thread: Veneering a Jackson Fusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Super glue gel and clamps? Veneer lifting is less about lift and more typically "bubbling". A wet glue like wood glue will make it worse.
    Interesting, I'll give that a shot. I don't have clamps, but I can try squeezing a bit of super glue into the gap and putting weight back on the body.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron1 View Post
    Very cool - love the veneer you picked.

    I debated on doing this with a project Warlock I bought on the cheap, but ultimately decided to stain it - and now the stain won't cure. Funny, I was concerned about having the issues you're running into, so went the stain route, but now I'm having issues with that.

    There's a really cool group on Facebook of guitar refinishers, from 1st time hobbists, to guys who used to customize guitars for Eddie Van Halen and one of the guys that made the Gene Simmons Axe basses. Tons of great knowledge and advice.

    Facebook - Electric Guitar Finishing
    Fear of screwing up was definitely one of the factors that lead to me putting this project off for so long. Thanks for the group suggestion, I'll check them out!
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    That's an awesome veneer.

    Maybe touch up and "seal" the edges with some sort of wood putty, sand everything smooth (carefully!) and then burst it? I think a veneer like that is going to need more to protect it than just tung oil.
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    Damn you. I was scrolling with glee after I saw the top, anxiously awaiting the finished product.

    That looks great so far!

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    I'm not a builder, so beware of my suggestions; others should chime in..
    I'd suggest using super glue in gel form, because the normal fluid stuff starts curing way too fast for working with it.
    The gel type gives you like a minute working time.
    Dunno if it's available with the long thin nozzle, like the fluid type is, else you can suck it into a syringe to allow getting it in-under the veneer.
    Best of luck - awesome veneer
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