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Thread: anyone got bareknuckles in an ibanez with a 5 way switch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    This is probably good advice, I'll take it apart later clean the wires up and re-do it.

    Pickup companies really need to bite the bullet and move to a plug and play style fitting system. Yeah I get that it would require investment but once it's done you sell more pickups.

    Eg, "I'm bored, I'll go buy a random pickup and try it out"

    Instead of

    "I'd get new pickups but fuck wiring them in or paying someone else to..."

    SO MUCH THIS!!!! Its FUCKING 2020 not 1970...

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    Iron1 is wise. Revisited and found a comd solder. Fixed and about to melt faces

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    The solution to the problem is that ibanez been pickups have the polarity of the neck magnet flipped.

    You need to push it out gently and just flip it then push it back in and everything will work as intended.
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    Seymour Duncan has the liberator, it has a terminal block that you connect the wires to.

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